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Checking off the Bucket List

March 8, 2019

Bonita Guesman is a part-time crew member at a McDonald’s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she’s worked for two years.

At age 63, after 30 years as a paralegal, Bonita Guesman didn’t think she’d have the chance to graduate from high school, let alone consider college. But soon after starting a part-time job at her local McDonald’s, Bonita learned from her general manager and co-workers about McDonald’s comprehensive education program, Archways to Opportunity.

“They said you know what, go for it, do it and we’ll support you 100%,” Bonita says. “I have a high school diploma now…one of my bucket list items.”

Bonita received her high school diploma from Career Online High School through Archways to Opportunity and is the program’s oldest graduate since its launch in 2015. Next she’s considering a college degree.

“I’ve been looking into a few trade schools, local community college, some more online classes,” she says. “My granddaughter just turned 18 and she’s going off to college at the same time as her grandmother is, so it’s all worth it, it’s a good thing.”

Bonita credits McDonald’s for providing her an opportunity that seemed out of reach.

“I was encouraged to do more online classes through Archways to Opportunity,” she says. “The doors are open and it’s just phenomenal what I can do now and accomplish. If I can do this I can do anything.”

Bonita also encourages other women to seize these opportunities.

“It’s about going out and educating yourself, being who you want to be no matter what kind of walk of life or diversity,” she says. “It’s all about living up to your full potential as a female.”