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Our People

Growing by Example

March 8, 2019

Kiana Webb is a next generation McDonald’s operator who runs 16 restaurants in Los Angeles. Her father, Reggie Webb, opened the family’s first restaurant in 1985.

Kiana Webb hails from a family of strong women, so from the time she was a child, the message was clear.

“It was celebrated that I was a woman and got to do things differently—because the differences make us stronger,” she says.

Today, Kiana is a second generation McDonald’s franchisee and runs 16 restaurants with her family in Los Angeles. She owns five restaurants herself and serves as President & Chief Operating Officer for the family business.

“I remember when my dad asked me to come work for the business, he said, ‘You’re the one that’s going to create our future.’ There was never a doubt based on my gender that I was going to be successful, it was just whether or not I was the most qualified.”

Kiana recognized the opportunity ahead of her. “I grew up in McDonald’s. I didn’t know much about anything else but McDonald’s and it’s been a fabulous life for me.”

She also credits the company with building an organization that create opportunities for the full diversity of women to grow with the business and reach the highest levels.

“We are definitely an organization that develops everyone and has a focus on the development of women,” she says. “It’s become not just more inclusive, [but a place where] women lead! And do it brilliantly. They may not do it the same way as a man, but that doesn’t define the leadership as good or bad. I really appreciate that about McDonald’s.”

As more women advance at McDonald’s and in business around the world, Kiana says she’s excited for the choices her daughters will have, whether in the family business or elsewhere.

“The only limitation is the one they create for themselves.